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Our team arrived in Haiti on Saturday. 

The first thing I learned was the “language of honking.” As we traveled from Port Au Prince to Jacmel, honking communicated everything from “Watch out” to “I’m coming through” to “Hello!” 
Not that I was doing any communicating. In Port Au Prince, I was too overwhelmed to say anything. Then, as we bumped and swerved our way through the mountains, my only thought was “Do.not.look.down.” 
My friend sitting next to me said, “I never feel more aware that I am in God’s hands than when I make this trip through the mountains.” Those words allowed me to take the first full, deep, calming breath since our arrival.
I will write and write and write about all of the experiences that are flooding over me. While power and internet access are unpredictable, and my words can never convey what I am seeing, I will leave you with a view from my lens. 

This was our first night in Haiti. Our first walk.








One of the beautiful things about the team that I am here with, is that we are all so different. To read 23 year old Megan’s perspective, visit her blog Bonjou Haiti and visit 53 year old (although her “friend” tried to change her age to 61) DeeDee’s blog deedeeinhaiti.blogspot.com 



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