Moving On…Literally

Nineteen years ago, I sat in this same room. I sat on a box in a room full of boxes and thought, “What have we done?” Here I am again, sitting on a box in a room full of boxes asking myself, “What have we done?” This house was the landscape of building our family. […]

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Naked On Healey Street

Everything in life is a balance. Motherhood is no exception.  Balancing my need to provide guidance, structure and love to my children while maintaining all the things that make me me, has been a balancing act.  When I am harping on homework, bedtimes, and OMGBRUSHYOURTEETHALREADY, I still want to have a dance party in the […]

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A Melanoma PSA

I am not ready for this.  At 41, I am not ready to worry about lumps in the breast. I am not ready to worry about friends with heart problems. I am not ready to worry about my friend’s moles.  Yet, I am here.  My generation spent time in tanning beds. We sunbathed with Baby […]

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Pink and Gray With HUGE Jewelry…An Ode To Mrs. Jordan

*Running this oldie but goodie for Teacher Appreciation week. Mrs. Jordan inspired me. Who was the “Mrs. Jordan” in your life?  My fifth grade teacher changed the trajectory of my life with one small sentence- “You should run for student council, people like you.” Her name was Mrs. Jordan, and I adored her.  She was […]

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Listen To Your Mother

“Giving Mother’s Day A Microphone” The Listen To Your Mother Show is everything that I love about women. I was so proud (and nauseous!) to join this cast of amazing women on Friday night. Fifteen smart, funny and brave women took to the stage to share their stories.  I felt connected not only to these […]

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What NOT To Do At Conferences

I am writing this post one week before I attend my first bloggy conference, Haven 2012. Since the mantra “DO NOT EMBARRASS SELF…DO NOT EMBARRASS SELF…” keeps running through my head, I thought it might help to make a NO-NO list. (Remember my Embarrassing Moments list?)  Lists can be very helpful in times of stress. […]

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My Friends Who Live In The Computer

Whenever I reference one of my online friends, unnamed loved ones often ask, “You mean your friends that live in your computer?” Why, yes. Yes, I do mean those friends.  When I started blogging, I had no idea that I would really and truly become friends with women I had never had gin and tonic […]

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Awkward BlogHer Moments

Yesterday, I shared how amazing it was to meet my friends that live in the computer at the Blogher Conference. Today, I am telling the rest of the story. There were a few…ahem…awkward moments. Here you go…  

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