7 Q+As: Dr. McGregor with Christie Clinic

Sponsor 7 Q+As with Candace McGregor, MD of Christie Clinic’s Department of OB/GYN. Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Christie Clinic—we couldn’t do all of this with out you… literally! 1. What are you grateful for today?  I am grateful today for the small moments with my children.  The moments where I catch my 5year old […]

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7 Q+As: Laura with Studio Helix

Sponsor 7 Q+As with Laura, Medical Exercise Specialist and Owner of Studio Helix! Laura can take any injury and magically make it go away. We can’t brag on her enough… She has mad skills. 1. What are you grateful for today? The capacity for people and to heal and photosynthesis. 2. Tell us about one of […]

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7 Q+As: Jill Harlan

This co-founding, sho-conspiring lady is known for connecting people and putting the spot light on everyone she sees talent in. So, it was no surprise our graphic designer had to threaten Jill Harlan‘s life in order for her to sit in the spotlight (wiggling like a little kid who wants to go play outside instead) […]

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7 Q+As: Toshi Reagon

Described by Vibe magazine as “one helluva rock’n’roller-coaster ride” and by Pop Matters as “a treasure waiting to be found,” Toshi Reagon is a one-woman celebration of all that’s dynamic, progressive and uplifting in American music. Since first taking to the stage at age 17, this versatile singer-songwriter-guitarist has moved audiences of all kinds with […]

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7 Q+As: Pat Thomas with Brown, Hobbs, McMurray Insurance

Sponsor 7 Q+As with Pat Thomas, Commercial Lines Customer Service Representative at Brown, Hobbs, McMurray Insurance! Thank you for your leadership and guidance as we continue our social venture to make the world a better place. Thank you for the countless meetings and for your incredible patience and ability to answer every question out of […]

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7 Q+As: With Busey Bank

Sponsor 7 Q+As with Barb Harrington, Jan Buerkett, Sandy Chapman, Nancy Weimer, Amy Randolph, Susan Miller, and Donna Greene of Busey Bank! Thank you for being one of our cornerstones. We are inspired by your commitment to our community… 145 years of service! Thanks for joining us again on our second year and hope for many […]

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7 Q+As: Julie Wurth

Before Julie Wurth sits down with Dr. Lilian G. Katz to ask her the 7 Q+As at the show, let’s see how this News-Gazette reporter/columnist answers them! 1. What are you grateful for today? Free time. Good health. My children. Family and friends. A job I love. Kit-Kats. And of course, Custard Cup. 2. Tell us […]

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7 Q+As: Traci Nally with The News-Gazette

Sponsor 7 Q+As with Traci Nally, Vice President of Human Resources at The News-Gazette! Everyone at N-G has been so supportive and encouraging of what TWSS is bringing to this community. 1. What are you grateful for today? The basics: my good luck in being healthy, having a good education, a job, and having normally behaving […]

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7 Q+As: Jeff Mellander with Precision Graphics

Sponsor 7 Q+As with Jeff Mellander, president and owner of Precision Graphics and renovator of historic buildings! Hands down, the nicest man in Champaign is Jeff Mellander. He makes everyone feel like his BFF. And I think you’ll understand just why when you read his responses below. 1. What are you grateful for today? That […]

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