I Would “Say Anything” For A House Tour!

*Join me on Instagram and share your favorite #hometownhouses. “SAY ANYTHING” I love this house and I MUST have a tour. I would do anything.  I would sweep for you.  I would water for you. I would be a gracious guest.   I would greet your neighbors. Call me. I would wait patiently. Photos by […]

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What NOT To Say During A Mammogram!

It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, y’all. You know what that means. It’s time to take care of your breasts, boobies, big girls, sweater puppies, ta-ta’s, or in my case- 36Longs.  I dealt with the stress of a mammogram the way I deal with most things- humor. I don’t know if the technician appreciated my […]

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A House Tour…And Outtakes

*This oldie but goodie was originally posted in 2012 Remember my neighbor, friend and decorator extraordinaire, Karen Devine?  Within weeks of each other, Karen and I both turned Forty-licious.  Karen celebrated her birthday on a warm, sunny beach with an ocean view.  I was happy for her. Really.  In our neighborhood, many neighbors have keys […]

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Good Mothers Garden With Their Children…Right?

Good mothers plant gardens with and for their children.   Good mothers fill their widdle children’s bellies  with fresh food from that garden. Good mothers don’t produce children that use every stinkin’ tomato for pitching practice against the old sycamore tree. My husband might point out that an early morning threat announcement – “Tonight we will […]

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That’s a Wrap

It’s been a week since That’s What She Said, Presented by Christie Clinic 2016 took our bow. When I’ve met you on the street, in the grocery, in the school pick up line, at the liquor store, you have been so generous to share your experiences. You’ve shared how impactful these women’s stories were for […]

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22 Truths About Parenting A Tween Daughter

By Leslie Marinelli for TWSS As my daughter approaches the age of 13 next month, I find myself reflecting back on the last three years and thinking . . . I AM SO SORRY, MOM! Yes, karma is alive and well and I have never loved or respected my own mother more than I do now that it’s […]

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Magic in Aisle 5

I heard screaming from the basement. Moms have a “scream gauge.” We know when the scream is a benign scream (472 times in a day) or when it is a “drop everything and run” scream. In my panic and rush to get to them, I fell down the last few steps. (Always graceful under fire!) […]

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Sponsor 7 Q+A: Karen Blatzer + Jan Impey, Clark-Lindsey

How much did we love hearing Karen Blatzer interview Jan Impey from Clark-Lindsey?! It was so delightful to see the interaction between these two strong and thoughtful women, while also hearing the adventures Jan has been on through her inspiring life. Well… We wanted more, so we had them both answer our 7 Q+A! What […]

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GNO: That’s What HE Said

Keith Oye wanted to give his wife a birthday surprise and we were thrilled to be part of Amy’s special night out! Here is That’s What He Said — stay tuned for Amy’s perspective! The Time I Sent my Wife to That’s What She Said It started a couple of years ago while at a […]

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