7 Q+A: Christy Camarca

Christy Camarca brought Champaign an amazing boutique shop of home furnishings and decor last year that we basically would like to just move into… Texture Home. The first time we met Christy we knew she was someone you could hang out with for hours—laughing… brainstorming… taking over the world one upcycled item of awesomeness at […]

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Why Is Kerry Hiding Under The Desk?

Because it’s SHARK WEEK! One of our favorite places to go for “girl talk” is In The Powder Room. This week, they are hosting “Shark Week, You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Pad.” See where this is going? Sho-conspirator Kerry Rossow is guest posting for ITPR today. Kerry has been known to hide under furniture when […]

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photo by Rachel Snow Ingram

7 Q+A: Kayla Brown

If you haven’t had the chance to see one of Champaign-Urbana’s hardest working singer/song-writers, Kayla Brown, perform—you’re truly doing yourself a disservice. Stop reading this and go google her now, or as Kerry would say… Go to The Google. Whether Kayla is playing solo, with a friend or two, or with the band We the […]

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7 Q+A: Veronica Valli

Veronica has worked as a therapist and life coach specializing in addiction for over twelve years. As a recovered alcoholic and drug addict, she has personal experience of what it takes to recover from an addiction. Her book, Why You Drink and How to Stop: Journey to Freedom is currently available at Amazon and other […]

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7 Q+A: Stasia Forsythe Siena

It’s the added bonus for us at team She Said (when creating the opening paragraph and googling for specifics about the featured lady), finding they’re even more amazing than we already thought. Stasia is no exception to these moments!  A former opera singer, Stasia Forsythe Siena, has served on the faculty of Indiana University and […]

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Molly McLay

7 Q+A: Molly McLay

We’re loving the responses to the 7 Q+A from Molly McLay—Assistant Director of the University of Illinois Women’s Resources Center and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. The Women’s Resources Center aims to support and connect students by linking them with faculty, alumnae, staff, community leaders and other women students through programs, workshops, mentorship, meals, fun activities […]

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7 Q+A: Klevah Knox

It started out as a simple interview with Klevah in The News-Gazette… Where we learned she is the MC, designer, and bar manager at The Canopy Club, and also performs/organizes The Culture, an open mic event for our local hip hop scene. We immediately were hooked and wanted to know more… What are you grateful […]

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7 Q+A: MakerGirl Co-Founders

The co-founders of Maker Girl are sharing their 7 Q+As, so fun! MakerGirl introduces 7-10 year old girls in the Champaign-Urbana area to the exciting world of STEM fields through 3D printing and creative activities. And we are elated to announce that they will be part of our LadyFest calendar!! More details to come on […]

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7 Q+A: Holly Melby

Holly Melby is a mother of three beautiful children and co-owns Melby Chiropractic with her awesome doctor hubby, Jeff. She regularly teaches communication classes at Parkland College and is starting a nonprofit called duck. duck. goose! that offers ideas for random acts of kindness. This is what inspires us most about Holly, her ability to […]

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7 Q+A: Stacy Wathen

Stacy Wathen from Texture Home is an amazing woman, inspiring mother, and community entrepreneur! We are so proud to shine a light on someone who spends so much time shining a light on others! What are you grateful for today? Waking up…with my dog spooning me. Tell us about one of your friends and what […]

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