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Here at HouseTalkN, we aren’t just about houses. We love to talk fashion, too! 
This week, we are sharing our new venture: “DICKIE-DO!”
“Dickie Do” is a movement to BRING BACK THE DICKIE! No more “Don’t do the Dickie!” We are all about “Do the Dickie!”
Some folks in Hollywood gave the Dickie a bad name.


Take a look at the new Dickie- out and about with the Dickie!
Amy from The Momologist knows that sometimes, while you are facing mundane housework, you just need a little Dickie. 
Now that the kids are back in school, a Dickie with a friend 
is just what moms need! 
brought the big ole dickie!
Kim from Let Me Start By Saying knows
 all about the fancy Dickie!

Dickies aren’t just for the ladies! Lots of fellas love their Dickies!

How about you? Do you have a Dickie in your drawer? 
Bring it out and show it off!


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