22 Truths About Parenting A Tween Daughter

By Leslie Marinelli for TWSS As my daughter approaches the age of 13 next month, I find myself reflecting back on the last three years and thinking . . . I AM SO SORRY, MOM! Yes, karma is alive and well and I have never loved or respected my own mother more than I do now that it’s […]

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Robyn Welling Has THE TALK

Robyn Welling is the voice behind the hilarious blog, Hollow Tree Ventures. She is also bringing the funny to In The Powder Room and NickMom. Yesterday, I was all concerned about my son, Jake, figuring out the horrible truth about the Tooth Fairy, namely that the creature who sneaks into his room at night, rummages […]

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A Full Circle Sausage Moment

To know Leslie Marinelli is to love her. When we are knee deep in diapers or face down in homework, Leslie reminds us that there is humor in everything…even poop. Meet Leslie Marinelli… I guess I could argue that Italian sausage was what got me into that whole pregnant situation in the first place. Kind […]

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It’s Lori-Palooza Time!

One of our favorite humor writers on the www is Lori Wescott. She shares her awkward moments and irreverent stories at Lori-Palooza and is a co-author of the best selling You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth. Today, Lori is sharing her new coalition MASF (moms against sexy faces) with us. In response to the overwhelming […]

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