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Moving On…Literally

Nineteen years ago, I sat in this same room. I sat on a box in a room full of boxes and thought, “What have we done?” Here I am again, sitting on a box in a room full of boxes asking myself, “What have we done?” This house was the landscape of building our family. […]

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Pink and Gray With HUGE Jewelry…An Ode To Mrs. Jordan

*Running this oldie but goodie for Teacher Appreciation week. Mrs. Jordan inspired me. Who was the “Mrs. Jordan” in your life?  My fifth grade teacher changed the trajectory of my life with one small sentence- “You should run for student council, people like you.” Her name was Mrs. Jordan, and I adored her.  She was […]

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Have You Heard Of Shakey Face?

While out to eat with some of my favorite humor bloggers, Kim Bongiorno shared a gem with us. Her friend, Vanessa shared it with her and she shared it with us. Pay it forward, right? It’s called “Shakey Face.” Here is my video tutorial on Shakey Face.   This is why I love these women […]

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Goodbye, Peter Rabbit

Saying “Goodbye, Nursery” When I was pregnant with my firstborn, my mister and I painted what would become the nursery. I clearly remember saying to him “It is going to be so weird having another person in the house with us.”  This makes me chuckle because we then had four babies in five years. I […]

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I Would “Say Anything” For A House Tour!

*Join me on Instagram and share your favorite #hometownhouses. “SAY ANYTHING” I love this house and I MUST have a tour. I would do anything.  I would sweep for you.  I would water for you. I would be a gracious guest.   I would greet your neighbors. Call me. I would wait patiently. Photos by […]

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