Magic in Aisle 5

I heard screaming from the basement. Moms have a “scream gauge.” We know when the scream is a benign scream (472 times in a day) or when it is a “drop everything and run” scream. In my panic and rush to get to them, I fell down the last few steps. (Always graceful under fire!) […]

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LadyFest Drink: The Gin Gin Mule

The whole thought process around this drink was enough to create an entire blog post — that’s how excited we are about it. The mixologist who created the Gin Gin Mule: Audrey Saunders Audrey Saunders, aka the “Libation Goddess”, opened The Pegu Club in New York City’s Soho district, in late August 2005. Pegu Club […]

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Why Is Kerry Hiding Under The Desk?

Because it’s SHARK WEEK! One of our favorite places to go for “girl talk” is In The Powder Room. This week, they are hosting “Shark Week, You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Pad.” See where this is going? Sho-conspirator Kerry Rossow is guest posting for ITPR today. Kerry has been known to hide under furniture when […]

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on Saturday, July 19, 2014. Photo by Darrell Hoemann

Women Of Hope,2014

The theme for The That’s What She Said Show 2014 was inspired by Morley’s song, WOMEN OF HOPE. The women who braved the stage could be described in so many ways… Women of hope… Women of laughter… Women of strength… Women of courage… Our stories are different. Our stories are the same. Our stories connect […]

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TWSS Soul Journey To Haiti

After the That’s What She Said Show last year, the sho-conspirators knew we wanted to be more than a show. We saw the power of telling and hearing each other’s stories. Women supporting women. Women telling their story and connecting with someone who nodded and said, “Me, too.” Women who want to make the world […]

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Meet Keesha Beckford

Keesha Beckford rocked the stage at TWSS 2013. Here is the backstory… I had forgotten it. It was third grade and I had a report to read to the entire class.  It was my turn to present in just a couple of minutes, and my report was nowhere to be found in my desk or […]

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That's What She Said

The Full Monty

Over the course of the week we’ll be releasing the video in segments of our fan-effing-tastic speakers—but for those of you who couldn’t make it or want to relive the evening in full (maybe a couple more times than we’re willing to admit). We present to you, That’s What She Said 2013. #TWSS2013

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Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.49.27 PM

Video Teaser

While we fundraise for our first-ever She Said Soul Journey to Haiti (check out how you can directly support some of our soul sisters!), our videographer is putting the final touches on the full-length coverage of the show from October. We’ve seen bits and pieces and can barely contain ourselves. There are tears, snorts, laughter, […]

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That’s A Wrap!

Saturday night was our That’s What She Said show. It feels like it was a dream. Did that really happen? Darrell Hoemann of the News-Gazette gave the gift of his art- photography. I have looked at them no less than 8,342 times. It really happened. My cup runneth over. Thank you to Krannert Center and Christie Clinic for believing in three soccer moms with […]

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