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While out to eat with some of my favorite humor bloggers, Kim Bongiorno shared a gem with us. Her friend, Vanessa shared it with her and she shared it with us. Pay it forward, right?
It’s called “Shakey Face.” Here is my video tutorial on Shakey Face.


This is why I love these women so hard. They live to make other people laugh. They are not afraid of unflattering photos. Obviously.
Shakey Face made some look like porn stars, some look like stoners, some look drunky drunk, and some just looked…well, see mine.
Rebecca of Frugalista Blog

Leslie of The Bearded Iris

Kerry of HouseTalkN, that’s me.

I feel pretty. Oh, so pretty. 

I showed you mine, will you show me yours? Shake what your mama gave you, take a picture and share your own shakey face!
Please share it on my facebook page HERE.

This post made possible by my moffice-mate, in support of International Breast Milk Project.


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