Our mission is simple » Exchange stories.


TWSS_aboutpic01That’s What She Said started with three ordinary women (co-founders Jill Harlan, Kerry Rossow, and Casey Wakefield) with an extraordinary desire to make the world a better place for their daughters, for your daughters, for everyone’s daughters. While sitting on the patio, watching their girls playing in the yard, the She Said Project was born. Within days, friends were volunteering to help. Word spread, connections were made, and She Said was on a runaway train. Strangers were offering their services. Lawyers, graphic designers, photographers—they were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. That’s What She Said was becoming exactly what they had dreamed—a social venture to showcase women living boldly, truly and fearlessly.


When That’s What She Said moved to The Virginia Theatre, an opportunity to take over the downtown area and make a weekend outting for the entire community was now a shiny, new option. We’re excited to be pulling in different businesses and organizations to provide something for ladies of all ages with the intention to develop spaces to connect, share, and create new stories!