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Everything in life is a balance. Motherhood is no exception. 
Balancing my need to provide guidance, structure and love to my children while maintaining all the things that make me me, has been a balancing act. 
When I am harping on homework, bedtimes, and OMGBRUSHYOURTEETHALREADY, I still want to have a dance party in the kitchen. There is a time and a place for both sides. 
After a long night of harping, during bath time, my daughter ignored my crankiness and said, “When I grow up, I hope I am just like you and have friends just like yours.” It stopped me in my tracks. While I was a cranky mess, my daughter was thinking of friendships and the life that she has before her. It made me so happy to remind her that she has already chosen great friends. I see the bond and the loyalty that she already has with her own sister and her own peeps.
My sister teases that I am SNL’s “Joyologist!” I don’t know if she meant that as a compliment, but I loved it. I do try to find joy in everything, in everyone. That doesn’t mean that everything is always rainbows and unicorns around here. It just means that I try to be joyful, I try to live fully- whether it is fully joyful or fully fill in the blank.
I share a neighborhood mom office, The Moffice, with some of the greatest women on the planet. The Moffice is where we can say anything, ask anything and do anything. No judgements. 
But, here is the thing. I say a lot of crap that I don’t mean. I’m a big talker. 
When I said, “If I get this blog sponsorship, I will run naked through the streets!” I didn’t mean it. Just trash talk. That’s what I do. 
Needless to say, when the sponsorship happened, my friends rejoiced with me. We danced. Butt slapping may or may not have been involved. 
And, then…my words came back to haunt me. “Streak! Streak! Streak!” My friends pulled out all the stops. They quoted scripture, they called me “chicken,” they held me to my word. 
This is why I love them. This is why I hate them. They are my peeps. They are joyologists, too. Any chance to cackle, throw caution to the wind and escape the laundry, they jump. 
So…here you go. 


BodiBronze Sunless Spa credit for covering the cellulite
Photo credit and good sport awards go to Carissa Kemna

Just because we are mothers, just because we are on the PTA, just because we drive minivans, does not  change our need for fun. May we all still experience moments of wild abandon. Here’s to hoping you still find time to march to your own drummer and have peeps that remind you to do it. 

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