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Isak Griffiths

Isak Griffiths

Isak Griffiths

Executive Director of Courage Connection

Soggy Teddy Bear

Her name — which sounds like eeSOCK — means “she laughs.” It’s a perfect name for a woman who values laughter, inclusion, celebration, and a sense of freedom. If you ask her “What is the best thing that a person can be?”… She’ll tell you “fully human.”

Coming from Chicago’s south-side world of chaos, violence, and abuse, Isak knows that life is often unkind and unfair. It is unsurprising that at times she is somber and thoughtful  with a hint of sadness. But most of the time… she’s not.

Inspired by the likes of Kate Hepburn, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Kaye, and Harvey the pooka, Isak learned that a little levity combined with quirky human imperfections allow joy and possibilities to bloom in any minefield life put in her path. She believes that wisdom is living with eyes wide open, having a relationship with reality, erring on the side of compassion, and enjoying hugs and laughter every single day.

Isak is the Executive Director of Courage Connection in Urbana-Champaign. She also drums, knits, travels, coaches and rides motorcycles.