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Lynn Sprout/Kathie Spegal

Lynn Thomas-Sprout + Kathie Spegal

Lynn Thomas-Sprout + Kathie Spegal

    When Harriet Met Sally

    Like most women their age (currently 70 and 63), Lynn and Kathie grew up in an era when the expectation was women get married to men, have children, settle down, and give up any desire for being anything other than a care giver. The word Lesbian was not in their vocabulary, but the nuns often warned about having “special friendships.”

    Both grew up in very large Catholic families, went to college, got married, had kids, and ended up divorced. After almost 20 years on separate journeys, their paths joined when they met at church. Their similarities of backgrounds and experiences helped them “click” early on in the relationship. Between them, they have 11 children and 17 grandchildren, both have lost jobs because of their sexual orientation, they fought the battle to keep the same sex marriage amendment from getting on the ballot, protested Lynn’s firing, and were one of the first 10 couples in Champaign County to get a Civil Union. They also were joined in a Holy Union at their church with the blessing of the congregation and both sides of their families.

    Life together has been fantastic and fraught with the same issues that every couple has to face. They know who they are and are comfortable in their own skins. Their own expectations for their children are not limited by gender or sexual orientation. They have come a long way and watched the world catch up to reality and are pleased to have been a part of the push to change.