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10.04.2016: WCIA Morning Show with Cynthia Bruno

09.20.16: Interview with Kerry Rossow and Ashley Morgan on Show & Tell CI

05.11.16: Runners ‘Stepping Up’ for Charity, The News-Gazette

05.01.16: Stepping Up Shoe Drive, UI 7


10.17.15: Leaked photos from LadyFest’s speakeasy party, The Hummingbird, on Smile Politely

10.16.15: Mowgli Movies shout-out from Smile Politely

10.16.15: First-Ever LadyFest Comes to Champaign, Smile Politely

10.16.15: Interview with Kerry Rossow on WILL with Brian Moline

10.15.15: Chamabana.com Moms to Know: 2015 Speakers Kathie Spegal and Lynn Thomas-Sprout

10.15.15: Femme Figure at Indi go — preview of LadyFest art opening with Lola’s Brush

10.14.15: Feature on Julie Henry in Mahomet Daily

10.14.15: Stevie Jay covers TWSS and LadyFest with Anni Poppen

10.11.15: New-Gazette’s Getting Personal with Jill Harlan

10.09.15: WCIA Connect: Day of the Girl feature with Kerry Rossow and Anni Poppen

10.01.15: Marc Fisher: Make Your Marc

09.14.15: Radio Spot featured on all Illini Radio Group + Stevie Jay stations

08.27.15: Show and Tell CI Podcast, Episode 43—available on WIXY, Mix 94.5, Rewind 92.5, and Hits 99.7

08.18.15: Chambanamoms.com, The Journey Begins When You Say Yes

06.25.15: Show and Tell CI Podcast, Episode 21—available on WIXY, Mix 94.5, Rewind 92.5, and Hits 99.7

05.10.15: The News-Gazette, Up for some fun?


10.05.14: The News-Gazette Getting Personal, with Karyl Wackerlin

08.03.14: The News-Gazette On the Town, photo gallery

07.10.14: The News-Gazette, get your hanky ready, ladies…

07.09.14: ciLiving hosts Jill (cofounder), Jenna (Christie Clinic + Foundation), and Tyra (2014 speaker)

06.29.14: The News-Gazette features Angie Hatfield Marker, 2014 TWSS Speaker

06.18.14: Smile Politely chats with Kerry about the July 19th show

06.17.14: Chambanamoms.com features our co-founder, Jill Harlan

06.01.14: The News-Gazette covers the She Said Soul Journey

05.30.14: WCIA 3 interviews about the She Said Soul Journey

05.28.14: ciLiving.tv: Kerry is a guest cohost with Heather Roberts

03.13.14 ciLiving.tv: HouseTalkN interview with the first TWSS plug of the year


10.15.13 News-Gazette: So we all need inspiration, right…

10.11.13 Mom’s New Stage: I had forgotten it…

10.11.13 House TalkN: As always, I am grateful for the power of a camera…

10.10.13 Angela Shelton: I am back from a fantastic trip to Champaign-Urbana…

10.07.13: Daily Illini: Featuring the unique stories of…

10.06.13: News-Gazette: Photo Gallery

10.04.13 Daily Illini: She Said, a company created by Champaign residents…

09.30.13 WDWS: Radio

09.26.13 CI Living: Video

08.06.13 WCIA 3: Video

08.04.13 News-Gazette: Pop culture often likes to portray girls as mean…