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It was fitting that our first morning in Haiti was Sunday.
For me, it was all new faces. For many of the people on my team, it was a reunion.
As we walked to the church, a young boy ran up to us from behind and leapt into Pastor Strom’s arms. The only word that comes close to describing this hug is “fierce.”
This was the boy that I had heard about. It was Evans. This was the boy that Pastor Strom met two years ago and continues to sponsor. The connection between them was obvious.







The church service was the most moving and inspirational service I have ever attended. I can safely share that because Pastor Strom joined Pastor Kessa in service. What a sight to see- Pastor Strom would deliver his words in English and Pastor Kessa would translate in Creole. It was a beautiful thing to see the both of them, sharing the same words, to the same people, with the same message. So different, so alike.
When Pastor Strom stood up, Evans was so proud and entranced. I felt like his thought bubble would say, “That’s my guy!”








Thankfully, the singing was so rich and all encompassing that no one could hear my horrible curse of a voice! The singing was so loud and joyous, I could feel it in my chest.

“And, now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.”


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