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The Plight of my Third Child

This photo showed up in my Facebook memories yesterday. I happened to be standing in line to register this girl for high school. The summer this was taken is so clear in my mind. She had two older brothers and a baby sister. The boys needed a lot of wrangling and the baby…well, was the […]

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Field of Dreams

Growing up in small town Indiana afforded me many luxuries.  Say huhwha?  You heard me. Spending last week yukking it up with my sisters- we all invaded the “hometown sister’s” house- made me realize what an influence the landscape of our childhood had on us. While we were busy tending to the business of growing […]

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Crazy Hosta Lady

Some blocks have a “Crazy Cat Lady.”   I am afraid that I may have become our block’s “Crazy Hosta Lady.” I have every kind of hosta you can imagine.  Blue, elephant ear, lime green, green tipped, green striped, white flowering, and purple flowering.  I could be considered a hosta hoarder, really. Many of my […]

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Blackberries and Clothespins

Two things that were constants in my childhood- blackberries and clothespins. My mother, her mother, and her mother’s mother – all southern ladies, passed these traditions down to the next generation. They could make a blackberry cobbler with a shoe. There was always a steady stream of laundry on the line. Looking back, many of […]

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F**k You, Schizophrenia.

Fuck You, Schizophrenia. Because I hate your very name. It’s long and no one knows how to spell it. Your stupid name has replaced a perfectly lovely name. His name is “Dan” and he is my brother. Because it isn’t socially acceptable to blame my parents for schizophrenia. I rather enjoyed blaming them…those were good […]

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