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Big Haiti Love

Our team arrived in Haiti on Saturday.  The first thing I learned was the “language of honking.” As we traveled from Port Au Prince to Jacmel, honking communicated everything from “Watch out” to “I’m coming through” to “Hello!”  Not that I was doing any communicating. In Port Au Prince, I was too overwhelmed to say […]

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Sunday Best…Haiti

It was fitting that our first morning in Haiti was Sunday. For me, it was all new faces. For many of the people on my team, it was a reunion. As we walked to the church, a young boy ran up to us from behind and leapt into Pastor Strom’s arms. The only word that […]

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Team Haiti, Trip One

I have had two days to reflect on the Haiti mission trip. While I have been feeling a mixture of feelings, I keep returning to feelings of gratitude. One of the things that I am most grateful for is the team that I served with. Some I knew well, some only in passing. These are the […]

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My Haiti Surprise

I have been struggling to find words to adequately describe our trip to Haiti. When words fail me, my camera lens saves me.  There were moments that putting my camera in front of my face was the only thing keeping me from weeping.  Who am I to weep? I was only there as a witness, […]

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Meet Team Haiti

“Team Haiti” is home safe and sound.  The She Said Project started with a simple premise: everyone has a story. Last week, these women not only listened to the stories of Haitian women, they also added a chapter to their own stories. Today, the 12 women who shared this trip will go back to their […]

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TWSS Soul Journey To Haiti

After the That’s What She Said Show last year, the sho-conspirators knew we wanted to be more than a show. We saw the power of telling and hearing each other’s stories. Women supporting women. Women telling their story and connecting with someone who nodded and said, “Me, too.” Women who want to make the world […]

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