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Bringing Back The Dickie!

  Here at HouseTalkN, we aren’t just about houses. We love to talk fashion, too!  This week, we are sharing our new venture: “DICKIE-DO!” “Dickie Do” is a movement to BRING BACK THE DICKIE! No more “Don’t do the Dickie!” We are all about “Do the Dickie!” Some folks in Hollywood gave the Dickie a […]

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Back To School Tips…And Lies I Tell Myself

I will be organized! I will lead my family with a cheery and positive attitude! I will exercise every stinkin’ day. I will not lose my sh** over homework! These are the lies I tell myself every August. It’s tradition. This year, I thought I might find helpful tips to keep me on task. I […]

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What NOT To Do At Conferences

I am writing this post one week before I attend my first bloggy conference, Haven 2012. Since the mantra “DO NOT EMBARRASS SELF…DO NOT EMBARRASS SELF…” keeps running through my head, I thought it might help to make a NO-NO list. (Remember my Embarrassing Moments list?)  Lists can be very helpful in times of stress. […]

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Have You Heard Of Shakey Face?

While out to eat with some of my favorite humor bloggers, Kim Bongiorno shared a gem with us. Her friend, Vanessa shared it with her and she shared it with us. Pay it forward, right? It’s called “Shakey Face.” Here is my video tutorial on Shakey Face.   This is why I love these women […]

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I Would “Say Anything” For A House Tour!

*Join me on Instagram and share your favorite #hometownhouses. “SAY ANYTHING” I love this house and I MUST have a tour. I would do anything.  I would sweep for you.  I would water for you. I would be a gracious guest.   I would greet your neighbors. Call me. I would wait patiently. Photos by […]

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