Yep. I am now forty-licious. “Forty-licious” is my word of the year.

For my big 4-0, I thought I would share 40 of my deranged thoughts with you.

1. Do not tell me that 40 is the new 30. 40 is 40. Besides, when I was 30, I was kicking off a 6 year lactating coma. 
2. I love my friends at 40. We are more settled, waaaay funnier, we can afford good booze and our children can wipe their own bottoms.

Things I know:
3. I know that a camisole is an undergarment only and that leggings are not meant to be pants.
4. I know that it is vital to laugh myself silly on a daily basis.
5. I know that no one can build me up better or put me in my place faster than my sisters.
6. I know that my mother in law was right- “act old, get old.”

Words to remember:
7. Nice counts.
8. Haters gonna hate.
9. Work hard.
10. Our family motto rocks – “H and H”, happy and hustle.
11. Fight the urge to be Judgie McJudgerson.

I am thankful:
12. My mister still thinks I’m funny…ish.
13. My kiddos are the bees knees and my best adventure.
14. My real job makes me happy…and I don’t have to sit in a tollbooth everyday.
15. My thought bubbles are invisible.
16. I still think my mister is funny…ish.
17. My dog does not eat his or anyone else’s poop.
18. Tunic shirts that hide my muffin top.
19. I love the times when my kiddos still call me “Mommy” or “Mama”.
20. My neighbors rock my socks…in a nice way, not a creepy, bed swapping way.

Since this is a house blog and all, here are some favorite house-ish musings:
21. I love a center hall brick colonial.
22. White kitchens rule.
23. Please do not hang thaaaangs on your wall too high. Please. It bugs me.
24. Wood floors trump carpet.
25. Someday, I will have a front porch.

                                       (Raphael Design)

I have major food love:
26. Blackberries.
27. Chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, chocolate lattes, chocolate cake…”The Help” ruined chocolate pie, however.
28. Angel hair pasta.
29. I would eat a shoe if it had goat cheese on it.
30. Pesto.
31. Coffee flavored ice cream.
32. Peppermint ice cream.
33. Pancakes, crispy on the edges.

Now that I am 40, maybe I should join the big girls and set some goals?
34. I will skydive again.
35. I will not eat my weight in chocolate…in one sitting.
36. I will try not to eye roll or sigh heavily when I am annoyed.
37. I will be more generous and less judgemental of people who like country music.
38. I will be waaay chill about my kiddos making their beds everyday.
39. I will not wear theme socks or holiday sweaters, even to school…even to my mother’s house.
40. I will be forty-licious.

                               (“Naked On Healey Street“)

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