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Keith Oye wanted to give his wife a birthday surprise and we were thrilled to be part of Amy’s special night out! Here is That’s What He Said — stay tuned for Amy’s perspective!

The Time I Sent my Wife to That’s What She Said


It started a couple of years ago while at a travel baseball tournament in Columbus, IN. I was watching players and kids swim, in between games, while chatting with Jen (TWSS Speaker 2014). She had a yellow legal tablet and she was writing away. I asked what she was doing and she stated she was writing a speech. Something Kerry Rossow wanted her to do and she just did not know how she would get through it and conquer her stage fright. It was for That’s What She Said.

I did not think much of it until I got to watch some of the TWSS speeches on YouTube, especially Jen’s. I knew this was right up my wife, Amy’s alley and she would enjoy attending this. Come to find out, Amy saw the video too and was really interested. I found out what the date was for 2015 and made a reminder alarm in my phone to alert me in time for tickets.

Well, how did I send my wife to TWSS? I purchased tickets for my wife, her friend Stephanie and sister Tracy. I called Stephanie and Tracy to make sure they did not have the same idea as these tickets would be her birthday gift from me. As the event grew closer, I spoke with Kerry about other activities and she suggested I purchase after party tickets. Okay, so we have a show, a party and what was next; a car and driver to transport them around! I did not want my wife or anyone driving on a night I knew would be made memorable.

What was their favorite part of the show? What fun did they have? Who did what to be goofy? I have no idea. It was just my job do get them there. You could ask my wife to find out what she said.

Apparently, everything needs a hashtag these days, so here you go:
#goodtimes #makingmemories #twss2015


Stephanie, Tracy, and Amy



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