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7 Q+A: Morley

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From Carnegie Hall, Nice Jazz Festival to the Nomad Women’s Festival in the Sahara Desert, Morley has brought her unique blend of jazz, folk and soul to the world’s stage. Be it solo with her acoustic guitar or with full electric band, her message is consistent and clear; love, justice and inspiration.



1. What are you grateful for today?
This moment.

2. Tell us about one of your friends and what you love about her.
Toshi Reagons ability to bring community together, tell the truth, be an angel and warrior at the same time. I chose two friends—Dominique Brown for her deep vision into justice and compassion, her generous heart and powerful mind.

3. Describe one of the best days of your life.

4. What’s the best lesson you learned from your mother/grandmother?
My mother teaches by example the power of kindness and that we all have to change, heal and transcend.

5. We’re all unique. What is your special gift?
My special gift is my ability to be open to having great friends, mentors & guides. To have the desire to seek opportunity to be in rooms with young hearts & minds so as to pass on that which I have learned.

6. What could women be doing to make their community a better place?

Value our expression, our intuition and connection to that which lives. To learn how we dehumanize ourselves due to subtle and not so subtle messages from media, tradition and history. Gather round each others tables and listen to what we have to share. Plan and follow through w regards to food safety, altruistic methods of education and have dialogue around issues of race religion & sexual identity with humility and respect. If women don’t do this NO ONE WILL.

7. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
I’m doing it right now.

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