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Sep 14, 2024
The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries, 3648 Washington Ave
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Sep 20, 2024
Heartland Community College, One Normal Plaza, 1110 Douglas St
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Stacy Cole Audience Member

If I could give TWSS more than 5 stars, I totally would. Women sharing powerful personal stories and empowering others through these stories...what more could one ask for? AWESOME!!

Laura Lasater Audience Member

We all have a story and we need to hear others. It helps lift us up, give us courage, and remind us through life’s trials there is still room to soar. The ladies that head up this program get it, and couldn’t be more dedicated to helping other women soar. If you haven’t been to the show, get your spot joe for the next one!

Mary Enright Audience Member

So much more than a "girls' night out"... That's What She Said has given me a voice by giving me the opportunity to listen. A beautiful testament to what it means to be human.

Lynn Charters Audience Member

First, this is not a show put on by actors--These are true life stories told by real, courageous, funny, smart women who make a difference in what they do and who they are everyday. As an audience member I laughed, cried, and supported every one of those women up there. It was amazing!

Sonia Kazarova Audience Member

Our world is in such need of dearer connections. The stories of these women help to unite us in our human experience. ‘That’s what She Said’ is full of humor, anguish, joy and truth- it’s what makes a life worth living. Looking forward to the show in February 2020. Everyone needs to see this show live- it is a life affirming and focusing event.

Kim Steele Audience Member

THIS SHOW WAS EVERYTHING!!!! Truly inspiring women that have come a very long way! you guys are truly AMAZING and thank you for sharing your stories with us

Debra Olson Audience Member

Just returned back to Indiana tonight- and filled with happiness and memories. The presentation was everything my dear friend Kevin McQuire said it would be! Many months ago in 2019- he started talking about this wonderful group he was working with- and he promoted the project with pride and respect! Well he was “spot on” - no disappointments here. Thank you - thank you for seeking out such a diverse group of women! An honor to be in the presence of queens! And it's so good to always hear about real women's life stories!

Shannon Coefield Audience Member

it's very encouraging very refreshing to see so many women come together with a very powerful message

Kelly Miller Skinner Audience Member

I had the pleasure of attending my first show this spring in Champaign-Urbana. Thoughout the night, each of the personal stories lead us through a spectrum of emotions. It was inspiring that these women allowed themselves to be vulnerable, give voice to their lived experience, and give us all a glimpse inside their most private lives and moments. Thank you TWSS!

Josefine Kozak Audience Member

awesome everyday woman sharing their truth!

Amy Johnson Audience Member

I love the stories! They come from women with a lot of different experiences and yet still connect with every woman!

Angie Patton Audience Member

Even though I’ve gone to multiple shows, and every time I’m surprised and blown away by the experiences of all these amazing women. Each time I’m able to take something away from the show that stays with me.

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