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7 Q+As: Jen Walburn-Cochrane

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I think we’re all going to relate to Jen Walburn-Cochrane when she faces one of her biggest fears July 19th… public speaking (eeps!) »



1. What are you grateful for today?
Today, and every day, I am grateful for my sweet babies, my health, my home, my friends, my family and my job.  I am grateful for my strength to keep going even when I felt like I couldn’t.

2. Tell us about one of your friends and what you love about her.
I am very selective when it comes to letting people in. I have exactly 7 women in my life that I trust enough to get inside of my head…these poor women!  These 7 women have been loyal and loving and they are all there for me and have been my life support many times.  I have to call out one person in-particular… My friend Kathy is one of the most loyal and most thoughtful women I know.  She loves my children as if they were her own.  Kathy and her family welcome us as if we are part of their family.  She has seen the good and the bad in my life, she has never deceived me and she has never judged.  Loyalty is, in my opinion, the most important quality you can ask for in a friend.  She is so full of love and loyalty…I am so blessed to have her in my life.  I am blessed to have all 7 of these women in my life.

3. Describe one of the best days of your life.
This is sad, but one of the best days of my life was when I was finally free.  I should say it was the birth of each of my babies… until I had my children, I never knew a love so strong.  But though they are the greatest thing I have ever done, the best day of my life was the day I was free from the constant worry and fear that engulfed my life while I was married to an alcoholic who had no desire to be better.  The day that I could finally relax and feel comfortable in my own home… that was the best day of my life.

4. What’s the best lesson you learned from your mother/grandmother?
My mom is a work horse.  I don’t remember ever seeing her just sit and relax.  She taught me how to work hard and be independent.  Though she has never been the warm and fuzzy type, she has always been there when I needed her.   My mother is a strong woman who just doesn’t like to communicate her feelings…growing up, she never told us that she loved us.    I tell my kids that I love them every day…multiple times.  I talk to my kids about everything and I constantly let them know that they can talk to me about anything.  In a round-about way, my mother taught me how important it is to communicate with your kids…to educate them on things they need to know that the school books won’t teach them.

5. We’re all unique. What is your special gift?
Well…over the past 8 years or so, I have learned to be brutally honest and real.  I can’t be fake.  I try try try to be fake and pretend to like EVERYONE, but the fact is, nobody is going to like EVERYONE and I am the person who needs to know and trust in order to let someone in to my life.  Life is too short and we are all so busy.  I want to be able to focus on the good people in my life… It’s all about quality… Not quantity. I’m not interested in that social climb… I only have time and space for real!  Don’t bullshit me and I won’t bullshit you… Really, I won’t!

6. What could women be doing to make their community a better place?
Women could make a community better by being better people.  So many women are busy judging other women when they should be supporting them.  Live and let live.    Realize that everyone has something to offer…one woman is not more special than the other.  We are all women…and we all matter.

7. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
If I weren’t afraid, I would allow myself to be happy again.  I would allow myself to trust and be comfortable outside of my walls.  One day.

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