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A Melanoma PSA

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I am not ready for this. 
At 41, I am not ready to worry about lumps in the breast. I am not ready to worry about friends with heart problems. I am not ready to worry about my friend’s moles. 
Yet, I am here. 
My generation spent time in tanning beds. We sunbathed with Baby Oil. We didn’t wear sunscreen until our 30’s. 
Now, we worry. 
We slather our own children in SPF 50 and make them wear hats. Rinse and repeat.
My friend recently had a mole scare. She had several removed. One suspicious mole was on her…ahem…crack. 
You might remember that we tried to cheer her up. We tried to make her chuckle. We bombarded her with texts. 
“Don’t worry, we’ve got your crack.”
“Crack is whack.”
We celebrated her birthday. We prayed that we would celebrate many more of her birthdays…at 45, 55, 85.
When the news came that her mole was not cancer, we celebrated. 
We said “Thank you.” Rinse and repeat. “Thank you.”
We said prayers for the women that got the “it’s cancer” phone call. 
We hit The Moffice and made a video for her. For you. I hope it makes you chuckle. 
Mostly, I hope it makes you CHECK YO’SELF!
(This screen shot is pure sexy, right?)

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