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The Secret That’s What She Said Sauce

That's What She Said Secret Sauce

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If you’ve been to one of our shows then you know – That’s What She Said is an incredible experience. Both audience members and speakers report feeling moved and impressed with the impact of each show. 


But have you ever wondered how the speakers come to tell such moving stories time after time? It doesn’t happen by luck or by chance. 


The That’s What She Said team has the know-how on how to make a speaker stand out. And this month, we’re sharing some of our best secrets for helping speakers connect with their audience and tell their extraordinary stories! 

First Comes Games

Our team combines improv and theater training to coach speakers as they prepare for the stage. While our approach may seem like all fun and games at first, the tempo at which we introduce the games and activities is strategic (and it often goes unnoticed by the women rehearsing!) 


While the speakers think they’re simply playing a game, our team has strategically involved them in an activity that requires the same skills they’ll use in their stage presence. These games make the speakers more comfortable in the rehearsal space and with each other, but they also nurture confidence and trust within each woman. 


Within a 60-second game, our team has the speakers using skills such as eye contact, active listening, being in the moment, following the energy, trust, hand-eye coordination, and more! 

Then Comes Reflection 

After each game, we lead the group in reflection. As women share their observations, it becomes clear that, while they may have been playing a game, they were actually practicing the same skills that they need for a strong stage presence. 


Strengthening your stage presence involves building your confidence, refining your speaking ability, deepening your trust in your fellow speakers and community, and developing the ability to discover and follow the energy of a room. All of this can feel like a daunting task. But with the support of the That’s What She Said team, you may not even realize that you’re training for the stage! 


From the Stage to the Boardroom 

Our strategies for developing That’s What She Said speakers are not only helpful for stage presence. The skills you can develop from a simple improv game, such as eye contact, active listening, and being in the moment, are skills that serve women well in all areas of life. 


In fact, our national director Jenette Jurczyk has used the exact same strategies when coaching corporate clients as she does when coaching That’s What She Said, speakers. You can read more about it over on Central Illinois Business.


For more tips on strengthening your stage presence, check out our other blogs including The 5 P’s of Public Speaking, or Go Big

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