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Two Women, One Story

Two Women, One Story

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That’s What She Said shows continue to build strong connections between the women on stage and within our community. When we started out, we could never have imagined just how powerful these connections would be. 


Storytelling highlights our shared experiences and emotions. Even if you haven’t gone through the exact same experience as someone else, you can often relate to the struggles and empathize with the emotions conveyed on stage. Every now and then, we get to witness these shared experiences when two (or three) women share the stage and share the same story, each from their unique perspective. 


Two Women, One Story 

One of the first “duets” that we featured on the She Said stage was “And Then We Were Mothers – From the Eyes of the Birth Mother and Adoptive Mother.”


Rachel Bierman and Angie Hatfield Marker both shared the experience of becoming a mother for the first time, speaking about the same child. One mother told her story of giving up her child for adoption. The other mother told her story of being paired with the birth mother in preparation for adopting the baby. 


Imagine the goosebumps felt by everyone in the room. We absolutely cheered for both of them upon hearing how their story changed each others’ lives. 


And believe it or not, this was not the only time we’ve had the same story shared from more than one perspective on the She Said stage. 


Another example of this happened when Cecilia Ruffin stood on stage and shared her experience of losing her son. Her daughters stood up on stage with her and shared the same story about losing their brother (read Cecilia’s full story on her speaker feature here). 


One Story, Two Perspectives, Triple The Power 

When this overlap of stories happens, it adds dimension to the story and depth to the power of the moment. 


We find again and again that women’s stories are powerful and interconnected. Our events allow women to discover connections in their communities that they didn’t know existed. 


And it doesn’t have to be so aligned as two mothers speaking about the same child. We often build connections through sharing similar (though not exact) experiences, navigating similar emotions, or learning from each other’s journey. 


Join Our Next Community-Building Event 

That’s What She Said shows build and uncover connections in our communities that otherwise might never have been known. 


Attend one of our upcoming shows to experience this for yourself!


See the schedule of upcoming shows here.

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