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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Share Your Story

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You are given 7 minutes and a microphone to share your story… what do you have to say? 

That’s the question you’re faced with when preparing to speak on The She Said Project stage. And part of what makes our events so special is that women bravely choose to share some of the rawest and most vulnerable slices of their life.

But answering that initial question is no easy task. After all, you have your entire life to draw from. And only 7 minutes to speak. What you choose to share and how you tell your story can feel like a daunting task. One that might leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about where to start. 

So we’re going to dive deeper into this common fear. Keep reading and you’ll discover why the “perfect” story doesn’t really exist. Plus you’ll uncover why She Said events feel so powerful (some might even say magical) – no matter the content of the stories shared. 

Deciding Which Story to Tell  

Before we get into the magic that happens at our story-sharing events, let’s talk about this common fear that most of our She Said presenters experience: the fear that the audience won’t resonate with your story. That it won’t land the way you want it to and that the meaningful parts will be lost on the audience. 

This fear totally makes sense. The audience is full of hundreds of women who might be mothers, entrepreneurs, nurses, teachers, and everything in between. How will your story appeal to such a diverse audience? 

Should you try to be funny? Or lean hard into a tragic experience? 

How can you avoid hearing crickets or subdued applause at the end of your story when what you want is to be emotionally moving and truly validated? 

Let us reassure you that, while this fear is totally normal and common, crickets and subdued applause never happen. 

The Magic of Speaking Your Truth

It doesn’t matter if you’re the only woman to ever have been abducted by aliens. If you speak about your experience truthfully, the audience will be moved by your story and feel connected to you.

When you speak from the heart, your audience will travel with you on your journey. They’ll be worried for you when you struggle. Saddened when they hear about your suffering. And they’ll rejoice when you get to the part about overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals. 

This will happen despite the fact that not a single one of the audience members actually experienced what you’ve gone through. They will still connect.

The Human Spirit 

That’s because human emotions are universal. Fear, overwhelm, determination, and joy can be experienced by anyone – no prior experience (alien abduction or otherwise) is necessary. 

We know that this is true. We see it happen at She Said Project events across the country. 

You don’t have to worry about trying to hit the perfect note or tickle everyone’s funny bone because when you tell your story, you’re more than just entertaining a crowd. You’re connecting with the women in the audience on an emotional level. You’re inspiring them to brave their own demons and overcome their own obstacles. 

And when you use your voice to speak your truth, you claim power over your life and your past. 

So, It’s Time to Answer the Question… 

You are given 7 minutes and a microphone – which slice of your life will you share with the audience? 

How do you want to make your audience feel? And which story will you claim on the microphone? 

If you already have a story in mind, we would love to hear from you! Let us know what you’re thinking by sending us a note at 

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