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7 Q+As: Sharon Crow with Checkered Moon

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Sponsor 7 Q+As with Sharon Crow of Checkered Moon! Remember those gorgeous chairs on the stage last year? Droooool, we do.



1. What are you grateful for today?
The list is endless … but, today? Today I’m thankful for the girls I work with. They add the rhythm to my day and help me keep the pace! They help me to reevaluate, update, and edit … so, in a sense … grateful is an understatement … quite simply, they rock!

2. Tell us about one of your friends and what you love about her.
Anyone who knows me… knows Kerry. My kindred spirit, as it were! She’s been by my side since I moved to Champaign and since I opened Checkered Moon. She’s quirky, she’s clutsy, she helps me remember what my brain keeps forgetting, she’s my cheerleader, my confidant, my source of humor, she is what you call “good people.” To quote C.S. Lewis, “What draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth, they share it.” That’s us in a nutshell! Oh, and P.S., We both came from large families with parents of the same name: Betty/Bette and Frank! How awesome is that?

3. Describe one of the best days of your life.
The obvious answer… the day my son filled my arms. The un-obvious answer… the day my mother died. Both matters of the heart, both life changing moments, both make me who I am today.

4. What’s the best lesson you learned from your mother/grandmother?
My mom… She was pretty amazing. She taught me to be stubbornly set on helping everyone around me live a happier life—through hard work, considerate actions, and by building strong relationships. I loved being the baby in her brood of six! I know we all think we snagged the best mom, but secretly, I think I won the lottery. I miss her everyday! P.S…. cancer sucks.

5. We’re all unique. What is your special gift?
Besides constantly speaking in movie quotes? Hmmm, I’m a beast at making a good playlist for any event!

6. What could women be doing to make their community a better place?
Simply stated… develop a backbone, not a wishbone! Oh, and ignore the naysayers!

7. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Being a fan of the dot, dot, dot (…) and the exclamation point (!) … I would love to invent another punctuation mark—one that really ends a sentence on the right note … Hmmm, maybe (♫)? AND be wanderlust… Just drop off the grid to travel without an agenda … and … and …

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