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Introducing: The She Said Press

The She Said Press

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For ten years, That’s What She Said has been dedicated to illuminating and amplifying women’s stories in order to foster connection and inspiration. We started with our live story-sharing events and, while we’re so proud of their impact, each show is only one night, in one community.  


So it got us thinking… how can we use our platform and resources to expand our reach and support even more women? 


Introducing the newest arm of The She Said Project: The She Said Press! 


We are so excited to launch our own publishing company.  With plans to not only publish our own collections of That’s What She Said stories but also to work with women who want to publish their own memoirs. 


The She Said Press

The She Said Press has the same mission as all of our other projects: empowering women, building a sense of community, and amplifying women’s extraordinary stories. By publishing collections of women’s stories, we can take some of these incredible stories “from the stage to the page,” and share them with an even wider audience. 


We are getting ready to launch our first collection, titled, “That’s What She Said, From the Stage to the Page, Volume 1.” It features stories by 16 incredible women who have braved the microphone and shared their stories from the first few years of That’s What She Said.  As we grow into more cities, we look forward to adding more stories from more women in more cities to the pages of our publications. 


We are also excited to welcome women in our community who are thinking about sharing more of their stories, in the form of a memoir.  


Publish Your Own Memoir 

We believe that every single woman (yes… that includes YOU!) has a story to tell. And we have a desire to help you share that story. 


That’s why we designed the She Said Press to be not only a publishing company but a supportive publishing community as well. We will help you through the process of publishing your memoir and promoting it on our platforms! If you’re afraid that you’ll write your memoir and that it’ll never get seen, The She Said Press is for you. 


One step above independent publishing, the She Said Press will allow you to maintain ownership and royalties while publishing within the supportive She Said Project community.  


Stay Tuned 

We have lots of big things happening in the coming months at The She Said Project, and the She Said Press is one that we’re especially excited about. 


If there’s a memoir inside of you waiting to be released, we are ready to help you share that story. 


Stay tuned for more info on upcoming seminars, conferences, and opportunities to delve into the world of sharing stories “from the stage to the page”!

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