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Listen To Your Mother

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“Giving Mother’s Day A Microphone”

The Listen To Your Mother Show is everything that I love about women. I was so proud (and nauseous!) to join this cast of amazing women on Friday night. Fifteen smart, funny and brave women took to the stage to share their stories. 
I felt connected not only to these women but also to the women all across the country who were also standing on stage for their local LTYM shows. 
Images from backstage, on stage and the after parties were flooding my instagram, facebook and twitter feeds. 

Thank you to Beth Fletcher Photography for these images!

Yukking it up backstage with Maxine Bonta, Nicole Leigh Shaw and Rae Disco.

Our fearless leader, Director Lovelyn Palm.

It was a wonderful experience to meet some of my favorite writers in real life. Angela Ammon was as kind and generous and funny as she is online.

We now break from Beth Fletcher’s photos to my blurry iphone gems.



By 10am Saturday morning, I was back to yoga pants, sitting in a gymnasium cheering for a basketball game. I kept thinking, “Did that really happen last night?” 
It still feels like a dream. A dream come true. 

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