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Team Haiti, Trip One

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I have had two days to reflect on the Haiti mission trip. While I have been feeling a mixture of feelings, I keep returning to feelings of gratitude.
One of the things that I am most grateful for is the team that I served with. Some I knew well, some only in passing. These are the people that I will forever be connected to and grateful for.
Meet team Haiti.

Pastor Strom, our fearless leader
Jan, our “crabby optimist”
Bob, our Indiana Jones
Jeremy, our king of one-liners
DeeDee, our spitfire
Erin, our educator
Heather, our director of youth shenanigans
Megan, our international soul
Me, the rookie
Mike, our big brother to all
Chris, our storyteller and messenger
Judy, our baby whisperer
Emma, our blonde Haitian
Pastor and Mrs. Kessa, our Haitian brother and sister

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