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That’s What She Said 10 Year Anniversary

That’s What She Said 10 Year Anniversary

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2023 will mark the 10-year anniversary of That’s What She Said! Over the past 10 years, we’re so proud to have hosted many shows, developed a program for teen girls, organized shoe drives, and recently announced our upcoming book publication!


While we’ll be celebrating all year long, the February show in Champaign-Urbana will truly be our 10-year celebration show. We’re getting ready to welcome some of the original She Said Project team back to celebrate and putting the final touches on our book (which will be for sale at the show). 


To mark a decade of bold, fearless women telling their stories, we reached out to Kerry Rossow – one of the original founders of The She Said Project and co-host of The She Said Project Podcast – for a little Q&A about the past ten years. Here’s what Kerry has to say: 


What inspired you to create That’s What She Said?

It was the perfect storm brewing in the hearts of myself and two of my moffice-mates. (Women in my neighborhood turned a home office into a shared office space for women in the neighborhood called the “mom-office” or MOFFICE.)


We knew we wanted to create something by, for, and about women that would give us the opportunity to work together. We wanted it to feel like a day in the moffice- women sitting around, some days cracking “that’s what she said” jokes, and some days tackling heavy topics. 


What is the most memorable/rewarding moment That’s What She Said has given you?

On one of our trips to Haiti, (Soul Journey with TWSS) I was showing a photo of my family to a little boy and he was asking questions about each of my kiddos, just as my kiddos always asked about the children I would meet in Haiti. I was struck by just how small our big world is – we are all trying to connect, see, and be seen. There are so many stories to be shared on and off the stage – all we have to do is ask.


What advice would you give to those first producing their own That’s What She Said show?

Be purposeful and stay on task. There are a thousand shiny objects to distract from the very simple mission. But if we stray away from what makes us special, well…it takes away from the special!


What do you see in the future for That’s What She Said?

In the early days of TWSS, we started a fish bowl of ideas so we could stay on task. We would put ideas (a TWSS book, a teen program, licensing, etc) into the fishbowl to revisit at a later date. One by one, Jenette and the team are making their way through the fishbowl, making these dreams a reality. 


What does the 10-year anniversary of That’s What She Said mean to you personally?

We only intended the show to be a one-time event. Yet here we are with 10 years worth of stories, trips to Haiti, teen weekends, and this year we are releasing our first book! I’m just so proud to show that three ordinary women generated a spark that a long line of women has since carried and passed the torch. 


Celebrate With Us 

Get your ticket to the 10-year anniversary show in Champaign-Urbana today! We can’t wait to celebrate with you, our community, and the original That’s What She Said team! Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to grab a copy of our first book: “That’s What She Said” From the Stage to the Page: Volume 1.

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